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Over 2,700 dengue cases & 22 active clusters in 2021

Dengue cases here are expected to increase, as the population of the Aedes aegypti mosquito - which transmits dengue...

32 deaths from dengue infection in 2020

In 2020, 35,315 people were diagnosed with dengue - more than double the infections in 2019, and 60 per cent above...

Prevent Mosquito Bites (From Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

One of the ways to protect yourself and family against mosquito-borne illness is to use insect repellent....

Weekly number of dengue infection surpasses record high

The weekly number of dengue cases in Singapore has surpassed the record high reported in 2014, with 895 people...

Why do some kids get bitten more while others do not ?

If your three-year-old child is more active and emits more heat, he may attract more mosquitoes than his elder brother.

Dengue infection over 9,000 cases so far in 2020

More worryingly, the number of dengue cases has risen sharply in the past four weeks, climbing from 300 to 400 cases...

Dengue cases over 500 a week and 7 people dying so far in 2020

Cases have more than doubled compared to the same period last year, topping 7,400 so far. The 7 deceased were between...

Update of Dengue cases in Singapore

Dengue continues to be a public health concern, with high cases around 300 to 400 cases per week. The dengue cases as...

Over 4,000 dengue cases in Singapore since January 2020

A key concern is the growing evidence of a sustained switch in the predominant dengue virus serotype, the National...



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